Oakland County Legal Holidays

Oakland County Legal Holidays

On Wednesday, a Michigan Supreme Court order added Juneteenth to the official list of holidays in court rules. Adopting this rule is consistent with federal policies that make Juneteenth a statutory holiday, and many jurisdictions across the country have already taken similar steps. Since Juneteenth is a specific day, courts treat the holiday as similar holidays that could fall on a weekend by setting the Friday before or Monday following the observed date. This year, for example, since June 19 falls on a Sunday, the holiday would be celebrated on Monday, June 20. “Juneteenth is a profoundly significant event in our nation`s history, and the mandatory observance of this holiday by courts across the state sends the message that Michigan`s court system values the life experiences of all those seeking justice,” said Tom Boyd, State Court Administrator. “We appreciate the quick work of judges and court administrators to implement the holiday and inform everyone involved.” The proposal to make Juneteenth an official holiday was released for comment last fall, and the public was able to comment at the last public hearing on May 18. The opportunity to comment publicly resulted in many contributions (more than 50 comments), but Michigan courts had little time to prepare for the new holiday. Comments are posted on the MSC website, www.courts.michigan.gov/courts/supreme-court. Commissioner Christine Long, a Republican representing Walled Lake, the Township of Commerce and the Village of Wolverine Lake and part of West Bloomfield Township, said June 19 was a “very important” day, but she would not support closing all county offices because “it`s an unfunded mandate.” Juneteenth is one of the most American holidays and marks the arrival of the Union Major General on June 19, 1865. Gordon Granger in Galveston, Texas, with news of the Emancipation Proclamation of January 1, 1863. He forced change.

“This is an important date for a significant portion of our population,” he said, comparing Juneteenth to Columbus Day. Gingell noted that last year he suggested that the county make Juneteenth an official birthday. Oakland Schools, the intermediate school district serving Oakland County`s 28 public school districts, worked with the Oakland County Superintendents Association (OCSA) and representatives from the county`s public school colleges to prepare a recommendation for the two required vacancies to be submitted to the Oakland School Board of Education on January 15, 2008. In addition to the two breaks mandated by law, OCSA recommended that counties with winter vacation schedule them in the third week of February, regardless of their length (currently, these breaks last from two to five school days). This recommendation is reflected in the five-year calendar. Of the county`s estimated cost of $370,000 for the June 20 closure this year, $322,000 will come from the county`s general fund. $40,000 from equity and $8,000 from special funds Fairness is the biggest issue, according to Dave Woodward, the commission`s chairman. He told the council that the state court`s decision required the closure of all district courts, but also affected some employees of the clerk`s and sheriff`s offices. Without the commission`s resolution, they would have a day off, but not their colleagues, he said. District officials must now fill out consent forms with each union to cover this year`s closure. Any permanent decision would require an update of the treaties, Woodward said.

While questioning the state court`s power to issue a warrant with deeper implications, Woodward said it was unfair to tell employees that some get paid leave and others don`t. underlining text:single;} A:Visited, scope. MsoHyperlinkFollow. She suggested that a “no” vote would send a message to the state court. Signed by Governor Jennifer Granholm on October 1, 2007, Public Act 101, MCL380.1284a. This year, Juneteenth is also a holiday in Oakland County. Offices will be closed to celebrate the anniversary on June 20, the result of a split vote by commissioners on Tuesday. Last year, Juneteenth became a national holiday.

The City of Pontiac is hosting the first Juneteenth celebration from Friday, June 17 to Sunday, June 19, which includes a parade on Sunday at 1 p.m. Common school calendars were to be available for the 2008-2009 school year. Districts operating on a quarterly basis could apply for an exemption. School districts that negotiated a multi-year schedule prior to the passage of the legislation were not required to implement the common schedule before the negotiated schedules expired. This legislation also applies to public school academies (charter schools). Full access to public announcements, articles, columns, archives, statistics, calendars and more mso-bidi-theme-font:minor-bidi;} A:Link, scope. MsoHyperlink None of the commissioners questioned the value of recognizing Juneteenth as a statutory holiday, but questioned making it possible this year. Note: Some districts are requesting an exemption to change their schedule. It`s always best to check with your local district to determine their schedule. During a recording of the meeting where the decision was made, as Republicans expressed concerns about unfunded mandates, Commissioner Angela Powell, D-Pontiac, could be mumbled into the microphone that she would keep her comments to herself. She did not respond to several messages from The Oakland Press to clarify their meaning. Another Republican commissioner, Mike Gingell, who represents Lake Angelus, Orion Township, Lake Orion and parts of Auburn Hills and Independence Township, said he would support the resolution.

Long called the state court`s two-week notice period unfair, adding that the judges had not given the counties a “fair jolt” by imposing the leave with just two weeks` notice. “It`s inappropriate to treat employees differently,” he said. “We`ve never done this before. We should not start now. Der 19. June is a federal holiday that recognizes the belated announcement of the end of slavery in the United States. The Civil War ended on April 9, 1865. Galveston celebrations, eventually called Juneteenth, spread throughout the United States. In recent years, an increasing number of community-wide observations have begun.

About half of the six commissioners who voted against the plan said they opposed the move, which they described as an unfunded mandate from the state`s June 1 Supreme Court decision to close. This decision affects courts across the state. mso-font-signature:-536870145 1791491579 134217746 0 131231 0;} @font face On February 19, 2019, the Oakland Board of Education approved changes to Oakland County`s Common Schedule to advance spring break by one week beginning in the 2019-2020 school year. This gives a week between spring break and the MDE testing schedule. Because the timeline looked like five years, districts had until the 2023-2024 school year to embrace the change. The Oakland School Board updates the calendar each year by approving a subsequent school year so that the calendar always shows five years in the future. The last approval of the calendar was given on 15 June 2021 to update the calendar until 2027/2028. Commissioner Eileen Kowall said she had nothing against the holidays, but rejected the “backdoor approach”.