Momentum Legal Department

Momentum Legal Department

Legal Momentum, founded in 1970, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and the first and oldest women`s legal advocacy group in the United States. Betty Friedan and Muriel Fox co-founded and Muriel Fox is an ongoing leader of the organization. [2] Carol Baldwin Moody became President and Chief Executive Officer in April 2018. The organization, founded as the NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund,[3] became Legal Momentum in 2004. Legal Momentum is a cross-cutting organization[4] dedicated to promoting women`s rights and gender equality, particularly in the areas of equal opportunities in education. fairness in court; end all forms of gender-based violence; Equality in the workplace and economic empowerment. The organization employs three main strategies: impact litigation, policy advocacy, and educational initiatives. It is headquartered in New York City. [5] [6] [7] Overview of legal and economic guarantees and services available to meet the challenges and difficulties of this pandemic. Legal contracts offer individuals essential protection in everyday life. Our service provides legal contracts that: We serve as external legal counsel to companies in the Maryland, Virginia and DC metropolitan areas. Our clients range from start-ups to serial entrepreneurs to established companies with hundreds of employees. If you are arrested or need legal advice, you will have 24-hour access to our specialist legal call centre.

Criminal advice and/or assistance in arranging bail by the police (if possible) will be provided. This includes free calls to the appropriate SAPS as well as your next of kin to keep them informed at all times. If police bail is not possible due to the nature of the offence or if this is not your first arrest, we may arrange a discounted lawyer to attend the bail hearing, but the above will be at our expense. Dispute resolution, contingency planning and incident response, general legal advice Learn more. Essentially, this ad hoc legal advice service allows anyone to have their own personal lawyer on call and be available at all times during office hours. This includes ad hoc advice on legal matters such as divorce, alimony, custody, criminal cases, payment claims, breach of contract, property disputes, and various other legal matters. New York – 21. January 2022 – Legal Momentum, the first and oldest women`s legal advocacy group in the United States, today announced that Jennifer Becker has been promoted to General Counsel. In this role, she will maintain her burden while overseeing litigation strategies and policy solutions for Legal Momentum and its staff.

What is a speed bump? That`s all that has a negative impact on your momentum. We are willing and able to provide pro bono legal services. Learn more. Founded in 1980, the National Judicial Education Program (NECN) creates, presents and publishes a range of programs and articles based on legal, social and neuroscience research to educate the judiciary about gender bias and how it can undermine fairness in our justice system. NJEP programs include Understanding Sexual Violence: the Judicial Response to Stranger and Nonstranger Rape and Sexual Assault and a weaving course, Intimate Partner Sexual Abuse: Adjudicating the Hidden Dimension of Domestic Violence Cases, available free of charge from The Syms Legal Momentum Gender Equality Legal Helpline is a free national resource that provides information, support and referrals to anyone facing gender discrimination. Each year, Legal Momentum makes hundreds of requests that guide people to the appropriate resources and next steps for their individual situation, providing legal representation in a small number of potentially serious cases. Momentum can provide preliminary due diligence or perform a critical view of the due diligence conducted by a second party. This counselling package gathers the information you need to provide you with appropriate and meaningful advice to alleviate your debt stress. It provides step-by-step advice on available processes, the consequences of applying for debt relief, and details about your nearest debt advisor. If applicable, a debt relief application will be completed on your behalf, which can be submitted to a debt advisor.

We represent individuals, industry, government and not-for-profit organizations. Learn more. Legal Momentum`s Women Valued leads legislative advocacy and rights-aware education initiatives focused on protecting the rights of groups that have long been underserved by our laws, including women of color, migrant women, victims of gender-based violence, and the disproportionate number of women relegated to low-wage work. Your favorite charity might contact you this month because August is “willing month” and if you want to leave something behind. In 2004, the NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund was renamed Legal Momentum, a more concise, mission-oriented name that reflects the organization`s development and ongoing work. [18] The Small Claims Court Kit allows you to deal quickly and cost-effectively with civil claims under R12,000. Based on the information gathered from you, a detailed complaint letter, subpoenas and claim details will be created, which can then be used immediately to file the claim. Procedural documents are tailored to the particular circumstances of the case. You`ll also be told where to find the nearest small claims court, and a step-by-step guide to the process is included so you don`t have trouble enforcing your claims. Undressing: A Business Fable About Getting Rid of the Three Fears That Sabotage Customer Loyalty By: Patrick Lencioni Momentum Review By: Michael Gottlieb, Esq.

Patrick Lencioni. Legal Momentum leads advocacy efforts for a range of policy solutions to address and eliminate gender discrimination and achieve gender equality. This advisory file contains detailed information on the procedure for obtaining an uncontested divorce decree. You will receive all the necessary information to obtain a divorce decree and will also receive a summons for divorce – exactly according to your needs and taking into account your specific situation. Bill Wiseacre`s latest attempt to hire a new employee didn`t go smoothly. After learning his lesson the hard way, he decided to.. This interview and online consultation will give you a detailed account of the procedures to follow to register the birth of your child. You can also get information on what to do if you have missed the 30-day deadline or if you want to register the child with a different surname than the child`s parent name. Legal Momentum rights now! The peer education program works with youth, especially young women of color, developing their knowledge and leadership on issues of gender-based violence and discrimination, empowering them to bring that knowledge back to their communities to teach others.

Momentum takes care of all matters of registration with local authorities, termination or release of easements, preparation of notarized documents, etc. Small Claims Court: How to Claim Money – Immediate Access This support kit contains important information about the different matrimonial regimes. It explains concepts such as “married in community of property”; “married outside community of property”; an “antenuptial contract”; and “the system of provisions”. Other important aspects are the impact of an employment contract (ANC) and why it is generally essential to sign an ANC before getting married. Building on 50 years of work to address gender inequality, this letter identifies governments` policy priorities and recommends actions to shape a short-term response to the pandemic`s impact on gender and enable a long-term transformative agenda for inclusive gender equality. Legal Momentum is also the author of the 1994 Free Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE), which protects people using reproductive health services from physical violence and bullying at the clinic door.