Answers to Legal Questions

Answers to Legal Questions

So often, googling “Free X” will bring you non-free results. Free legal advice is no exception. Yes, it will be easy to get legal advice from these websites. But authentication could be an issue. Another interesting option is to seek the legal advice of experts in this field. And it`s also free at first. Whether you`re a lawyer looking for places to find clients or want to evaluate your competitors, here are some sources of legal advice that are truly free. This is Google`s second result for “free legal advice.” But it should be the first. The American Bar Association recognized Avvo in 2015 for its innovative delivery of legal services. They offer people a 15-minute phone call with a lawyer for a fixed amount. According to Moz, the first result in Google is for “free legal advice.” Despite the name to get an answer, the site allows you to go through four pages of door.

Then, just before you get an answer, you will be asked to give them yours. Credit card. Too often, these “best of” lists point to websites that cater to you as “Mericans.” I`ll just take a chance and ask anyway, because I bet there are parallels between the legal systems of Can&tbe US. Sb. direct me to equivalent Canucks sites, if you know them, thank you. Each year, the ABA Standing Committee on Pro Bono and the Public Service offers the Summer Partner Challenge to law firms that provide pro bono legal services through the ABA`s Free Legal Answers. Despite the ranking of “free legal advice”, Rocket Lawyer is not free. You can get a free legal form, and there are some free tips on the site. So it`s not a bad place to gather information. But you won`t get as much for free as with Avvo. Content marketing means clear answers to simple and free legal problems. You don`t pay until/unless your problem requires individual attorney time.

This also makes it a great source of leads for smart but unknown lawyers. Whether it`s for self-defense, to be an informed consumer of legal services, or to learn about the U.S. legal system, more people than ever are using the library to get legal information and legal research advice. The new edition of Finding answers to legal questions is a comprehensive guide that helps librarians help users find the legal information they need securely. Recently revised and updated, this timely, clearly organized, and easy-to-use resource is packed with guides to help librarians answer questions that span the full breadth of law. An ideal book for practicing librarians who want to better meet the legal needs of users, as well as for students preparing for a career as a librarian, Marc Lampson was called to the bar in 1985. In addition to his law studies, he holds a master`s degree in library and information science with a specialization in legal librarianship from the University of Washington. He has practiced civil and criminal law at the trial and appeal level, as well as in federal and state courts. Since 1984, he has also taught law students, librarians and information scientists, paralegals, laymen and prisoners “legal research”,” that is, the research and analysis of legal resources. At the University of Washington`s School of Information, he taught research methods, information behavior, and information in a social context. Marc is currently a public services attorney and reference librarian at the Public Law Library of King County in Seattle, Washington.

To get legal help in this state, you will be redirected to a third-party website. ABA Free Legal Answers does not own or control the Website and is not responsible for its content. By clicking Continue, you agree to be redirected to the third-party website. Read the news about ABA Free Legal Answers, which gives revenue users the opportunity to ask civil law questions to pro bono lawyers. Ironically, the fact that you say that the support of your parents may be a factor in denying your emancipation. To emancipate oneself, one must generally show that one is able to support oneself. A non-legal tip: Why hurry? There may come a time when. Read more » Need help with a legal question, but can`t afford a lawyer? We have your answer! ABA Free Legal Answers is a website where you can submit your questions on civil (non-criminal) legal issues and get answers from pro bono lawyers in your state. Legal questions are asked online – all you need is an internet connection.

Volunteer lawyers are able to answer your questions outside of normal business hours – you don`t need to visit a clinic or legal advice centre. The site is very well designed. It is intuitive to use. And while I can`t guarantee the quality of the legal advice, the answers are well written. But that doesn`t mean the free legal advice isn`t there. ABA Free Legal Answers is a virtual legal consulting clinic where qualified users ask civil law questions answered by pro bono lawyers licensed in their state.